13 December 2009


Bless me Blogger, for I have sinned. It has been aeons since my last post.

Apologies loyal readers, I've been a bit lazy in my updates of late, but this is due to a sudden upturn in events and a sudden downturn in interest of writing about these events. I promise though, that now I will make a pledge to keep you, faithful follower of this diary of diatribes, to update this blog more faithfully than ever... possibly...

Anywho, the deal of late is that I am no longer the mild-mannered engineering college student you once knew. It seems that at my core I am in fact a guy with a leather jacket, greased back hair, an inferiority complex, and no concept of how to treat a woman right, but still manages to get the girl anyway. Yes, Matthew, tonight I'm going to be James Bond! Wait, no, Danny Zuko in Grease... Anywho, goes on stage 8th, 9th and 10th of March in the Sports Hall of Trinity Halls, all are welcome =)

Before I leave, I will drop this golden egg laid from the goose in Kurt Kuenne's head straight into your lap. This is the short film "Validation". It's a terribly charming tale of true love, loss, and parking. A winning combination I'm sure you'll agree. Enjoy!

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