17 December 2009

All Blogged Up

Semester one of college is now behind me, and, apart from physics, has been what I would call a success. In fact, i'm looking forward to the second term in some ways. But yeah, college, after all my fretting and initial doubts has been a blast. Truly coming to learn the true meaning of college. Finished a presentation with about two hours to go, showed up ferociously hungover, after approximately two and a half hours of admittedly fitful and alcohol induced sleep, managed to, not to blow my own horn or anything, knocked that sucker out of the park with a stream of bullshit that would make a politician proud. Ten percent of Professional Engineering module, you didn't stand a chance.

Speaking of drunken/hungover triumphs, unfortunately for those of you out there who know what a great drinking buddy I can be when I'm not lost, passed out or befriending homeless people, will be saddened to learn that as of today I am curbing my drinking in the interests of my throat. Getting up in front of about 200 people and making an arse of myself for three nights in a row just for the sake of a few bottles doesn't seem like a good idea to me... I also know that I will be eating these words and washing them down with a pint of something or other in not too long a time, but still, it's good to have ideals isn't it?

Well, it seems I have run out of verbal tripe to cram into your cranial cavities so it is time I depart. Farewell, and good tidings. (Or something a little less gay than that, I'm sure you can come up with something.)

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