24 March 2010

Blog Tied

Mmmm, so here we are, another month, another blog post. I promised I'd get better, or at least more regular at posting, I lied it seems. I've been spending a lot of time pondering recently, which is odd, because that would suggest that I actually have time to spare in which to ponder. Life is pretty busy these days, so much so that for the first time, I have had to back out of a relatively long term project I'd been comitted to. This severely annoys me, but if this college thing is ever going to go away then I'll have to study.

Theatre is taking up more and more of my life these days, and you know what, I am fucking glad. I love working at stuff like that, it just feels right. If I can somehow make money from working in a theatre or in some form of performance art, even if it is just in a techie role, then I'll be a happy man for years to come. Hopefully my sort of uncertain application to be the director of next years musical will come good and I can throw myself into bossing people around.

Super Secret Project will be getting underway soon enough, once the end of college gives me enough time to look at things that don't relate to the real world. It isn't actually super secret anymore, I've been telling a few close friends about it, and have gotten positive reactions to the premise. Get a rough draft of that bad boy drawn up, and see where I can take it from there, hopefully to somewhere fun.

I've been watching a lot of MovieBob's Game Overthinker videos on youtube recently. On major problem I have with these is that there aren't more. The guy, while not exactly the voice of a generation by a longshot, and some of his views and vehement defending of the army aren't exactly my thing, he is seriously doing videogames a massive service by opening the floor to debate on adult things, such as violence in videogames, the depiction of women, the change in videogames, and how the videogames market needs to expand its audience rather than adapt to the "hardcore" gamers. Games are an artform, and I will defend that point until I am blue in the face if I have to. I really wish there were things I could say that wouldn't just be repeating or extrapolating on what MovieBob himself has said, so I urge you, if you ever think you may need to defend videogaming as a whole, or just wish to become more informed on the topics in general, to check out The Game Overthinker. Videogames aren't just about pwning n00bs you know, ask anyone who's played Half-Life 2, or BioShock. If those two, among many other titles I could name, don't give videogames artistic merit, I don't know what does. (Also, if you'd like a kind of intelligent "everyman" type of review of good films that don't really get publicity on this side of the pond, you could do worse than to check out MovieBob's film reviews on The Escapist. I've mentioned this site before in my blog, for you hardcore readers, and have become even more infatuated with its overall love of all things pixelated and polygonal. If you haven't done so, check it out.)

I think that's all for now folks, and unless I decide to post something about my exams, it will be all for at least two weeks if not a month. I know I said I would get better, but my sort of vague rule about not posting about other people means my blog depends entirely on me being interesting, and that just won't happen I'm afraid. See you next time!