03 August 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf, or a Different Side to the Same Leaf...

This year will be different: the ever present chant of the procrastinator. But genuinely, I do see changes afoot in my habits regarding study and devotion to those things that pique my interest; also getting fit, but let's not talk about that now shall we? Thanks. So yeah, it has been a long hard 19 years for me to finally find out that I do actually enjoy doing some things, and now is the time that I shall grasp these things wholeheartedly and fully focus my attentions on them and see how far I can take them.

I hope in a few months that looking back on this post will not dredge up feelings of "urgh, I can't believe I said that", while I stare at the screen covered in crumbs and failing to do some important work that i should probably be doing. But alas, I may be doomed to repeat that.

This post is starting to devolve into a stream of consciousness post, when really, being as tired as I feel right now, unconsciousness is really what I crave. I should probably leave now before this descends into the literary equivalent of shit flinging monkeys, or rather - as this is a solo endeavour - one single retarded monkey sitting in a room with a mirror flinging shit at himself.

To quote the crack addled mind that is Porky Pig: "Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!"