06 January 2010

Hair Of The Blog That Bit You

First post of  Twenty-Ten. That is right folks, it is officially the future! And the future is looking bright if I do say so myself. The Players run of "In The Sawtooths" starts in just over a week and a half, and with a little bit of luck, everything will go smoothly, and then hopefully with enough money, luck and pixie farts we can make it to the Endinburgh Festival, which would be nothing short of awesome if it happens.

On a lighter, whiter note, Dublin has come to a standstill thanks to a little bit of snow. It looks incredible, but though aesthetically pleasing, the local government does not see it as so, and prefers to shut down all transport services in the area. Oh well, the walks are more interesting in the snow, which makes the walks that little bit easier. It seems that even snow clouds have silver linings.

Don't really have a lot more to say, what with Sawtooths consuming time like nobody's business. I'll try to keep up my resolution of blog more, and blog better. See you next time, same Blog-time, same Blog-channel.

So long Bloghounds!