14 December 2009

Book My Face

So there's this thing called Facebook, you may have heard of it, all the kids are talking about it these days, well, anyway, turns out a while ago I was not so skilled at it. Of late though, I have blossomed into a regular facebook user, even going so far as to take a Facebook quiz today. Turns out I have 100% common sense. Who knew such things could be judged by a series of retarded riddles? If only everything in life were this easy...

So, I managed to get my hands on some episode of the "smash hit" new US comedy, Glee. Turns out that it is as good as the hype makes it out to be. It could just be that the subject matter is quite close to my heart, homosexual though it may be, but the cast works so well, and the jokes are delivered with a punchy wryness that leaves me just wanting more. I'll keep you updated the more I see, but until then, keep an eye out for it, and catch it if you can.

On a similar topic, even though people keep complaining about the downturn in entertainment, and how the golden ages of comedy died when Friends jumped the shark, so much so that every comedy that has come since with even a hint of genius or originality has been compared to unfavourably. But with Glee, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and although I haven't yet seen it, Modern Family sounds like a gem aswell. With all these, and the host of others that I forgot, the talk of comedic entertainment dying, or even turning stale, is absolute crap. Long live comedy, long live originality, long live the sitcom.

As a great man once said, "mmmmm, sooomething".

Goodnight fellow bloghounds, and good blogging.

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