29 September 2009

Depressing, Slightly Existential Ramble

College, you foul mistress, tempting me with freedom while instead trapping me in a glass cage...

So yeah, engineering = a metric fuckton of work (sorry, I just can't use imperial measurements). I wouldn't even mind if it wasn't for the fact that I forget half of the stuff we're currently doing. It's in my head but I just don't know where, like the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Niggling doubts that I may have chosen the wrong course... Sympathies anyone? Advice maybe? I dunno, shtick it out for now, it's interesting, and that is the pinprick of light at what is now looking to be a long and arduous, and work filled tunnel.

Positivities please! Saturday should be fun. Need to get better time management skills, completely made a fuck of my weekend just past by way of thinking there were more hours in the day than was actually possible. That one hour was worth it though, even if it was over in a second...

I wish I had more to say; I assumed that once I got to college my life would be packed to the rafters of new and exciting things to blog about, and would make for a more pleasant reading for all involved, but alas it seems it was not destined to be, for it seems life still the same bland, boring, monochrome mess it was before I jetted off to the Pale... This blog has taken a turn down a wrong road for the moment but I feel i can get it back on track. Next post will be full of fun, but right now I'm tired, scared and missing the woman I love. There are things to be happy about, but it feels like they're being washed away by the tides of monotony that will soon become my life. 9-5 job? No thanks. €30,000 in fees once I leave college? Also a big negative. I know I have the power to make life my own, I just wish I knew how. Helplessness, thy name is Aidan Connolly.

Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

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  1. I've slight feeling I may have chosen the wrong course, if it makes you feel any better... I'm putting it down to feeling a little in over my head at the moment. I enjoy the course, it's just a little harder than I thought...

    We'll be grand once we settle into routine? :)