01 September 2009

This Is A Test; Do Not Adjust Your Blog-o-vision

College is consuming my mind. I'm sorry my posts aren't more varied, but really, there's nothing else in my mind but college. Well, maybe one thing =)

I can't think of aaaaaanything to write so I shall fill this with random thoughts I am currently having. Enjoy.

I own one pair of shoes presently and they are white. I live in a backwater rural area where roads are mostly covered in shit instead of tar. Worst impulse buy ever.

Chilli con carne is a sort of wonder food. It makes my insides smile, and my mouth jump for joy. If I started a country it would have a plate of chilli con carne on the flag, and there would be a chilli con carne memorial day instead of easter. Or maybe instead of pancake tuesday. I mean, pancakes are great and all, but because they have a day to themselves, it sometimes doesn't feel right to have them just because you want to. With my regime, there will be no stigma attached to pancakes.

There are several beeping noises around me right now. One of them is particularly ominous. I think a crazed bomber has infiltrated my living space. I'll keep you posted.

Schadenfreude: what a word...

The metric system for time... I'm just saying, we should give it a try... Although I dunno would I ever cope with people saying it's 94 past 76 or whatever, but it'd probably make things easier. Right? Guys?

The semicolon is like the forgotten child of punctuation. Not that it's terribly useful, but I bet 90% of people couldn't tell where or when to use a semicolon. This one's for you buddy

Well, I've run out of cerebral sewage to pillage for the purposes of my blog so I'd better wrap this up by saying that life is like a box of chocolates; it's good at first, but you feel kinda shit when you reach the end...


  1. i lol'd. literally :L



  3. personally, i'm a big fan of the semi-colon. semi-colonic irrigation ftw? :/

    umm, Schadenfreude?


    1. malicious joy
    2. gloating
    3. spitefulness
    4. glee

  4. LOLOL.

    <3 semi-colons.

  5. i literally hate pancakes.

  6. i agree with you on the shoes.
    i brought white ones to island off the coast of no where irish college
    they are now black