29 August 2009

Jagerman? Aidanmeister? We'll work on the PR side of things later.

2 facts about Jagermeister: 

1) It is an evil drink that captures the souls of those who drink it.
2) It grants me superpowers.

There is a story behind factoid number two, but not one I shall recount here. Went to Al's last night and had a freakin' great time. I love sessioning with my friends, it's actually the best thing ever. Getting slightly concerned about my visits from the amnesia fairy though. The slow drip of memory gain in the morning after is never fun. You know you've had a great night when in your mind you went from ripping a shirt off of yourself Hulk style and collapsing with laughter, to being outside on decking in just your underwear, unsure as to whether or not you want to get sick.It's moments like that make me want to believe in some sort of God, just so I have someone to blame all my faults, failures and misgivings on.

I would regail you, dear reader, with tales of excitement and fantasy from that most wonderful of parties, if I could remember any of the fucking night. Ah well.

You know what's great, when you talk to someone for the first time and you feel like you just click. You know who you are... I mean, staying up until it's bright out, talking absolute bollocks with someone who you've never met before in your life? That's something special right there, wouldn't you agree?

I dunno, perhaps I just try to see the extraordinary in the mundane too often, but I think I might be right in saying I'm a little bit richer after tonight's events.

Also, starting from tomorrow this blog is going back to how it was in the first post. I'm starting to head down a road into a town called "Faggotsville" the way I'm going with all these sentimental posts, and I think I'll just keep lighthearted and trivial from now on, unless the mood strikes me...

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