09 June 2010

Diary of a Flightless Nerd...

Oh three o' clock, why must we always meet like this? I wish I could just sleep with you instead...

So, I've recently had the astounding revelation that I am in fact a nerd. Now to those of you who know me, this is of course no surprise to you, having told me many a time that I am, with my frequent Dungeons & Dragons sessions (for only a true nerd will captalise and use and ampersand when describing the glory that is D&D), obsession of video games, strange quirks and foibles, my despising and refusing to do any physical exertion that does not entail a monetary gain, and of course the list of other obsessions that I am currently entangled in, including but not limited to movies, theatre,comedy, literature, pop-philosphy and of course music.

While this, as I said before, will come of no shock to you, it was a bit of a shock to me, mainly because I told myself half-jokingly that I was a geek, but that secretly I was just a normal guy that liked nerdy things. And there's nothing wrong with that is there? Then things just started to happen where I couldn't deny my nerdiness any longer.

Anyway, to conclude I guess I'm saying that I have finally accepted who I am and I feel more free because of it. I just dread to tell my family, I mean a nerd in the family? What would the neighbours say? This was a bit of a shit post wasn't it? Jesus I need either write more and get some practice or write less and spare you the bother of reading this tripe. Farewell, bloghounds!

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  1. I never saw this coming :/

    LOL JK I've been telling you for years.