25 April 2010

Exam Time, Goddammit...

Procrastination, thy name is Aidan. So my first exam of college life is upon me on the morrow, and here I am complaining to the webular world of my woes and follies instead of buckling down to actually do some productive work...

In other news, my earliest summer ever this year, the world is my oyster and what shall I do with it? In all likelihood, absolutely nothing, but hopefully I'll gain something from the extensive dossing I will no doubt engage in. Hopefully some reading and a bit of stage or film work as well as some part time job work to fund all this chicanery.

Well, I think that's as much time as I can afford to waste writing to the cyber-abyss that is the blogosphere, I must depart and return to my scholarly duties. As I close this brief update on the life of a lazy engineer, the sky is darkening and closing on my location, with rough weather to follow, hopefully not a foreshadowing of events to follow. Catch you on the other side as they say. Toodle-pip!

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